Build A Mindset Folder In 7 Days

Review it 3x daily and grow into version 2.0 of yourself
"I just finished a couple of days ago creating my mindset folder and WOW brother! This thing is STR8 VALUE. Been following the instructions - reading it 3X a day - and can already feel the massive change in energy it is generating."

What Is A Mindset Folder?

A 7-Page Folder That's Designed To Shift Your Identity From Current You To Ideal You

Here's What Each Page Includes:
Page 1. Victory Jar 

Page 2. 2.0 Character (Internals)

Page 3. 2.0 Character (Externals)

Page 4. Personal Creed

Page 5. Goals -> Intentions

Page 6. Habits, Daily Containers, Do Not Do List

Page 7. Obituary